Turning the conversation

Last week, we heard in Appropriations that the conversation was going to turn to jobs one day. I believe that day is already here, so I’m working hard to make economic development a priority in Louisiana.

Walt Leger

Every day this Session, we have heard in Appropriations about how the devastating proposed budget cuts would affect every single State Department.

While talking last week about the impact on his Department, the Treasurer said, “The conversation is going to turn one day to jobs and whether you’re going to keep a job or not. That’s coming.”

In my opinion, that day has already come for the people of Louisiana. So, in addition to working hard every day to build compromise and find solutions with my colleagues on the budget, I’m also passing legislation that will have meaningful and tangible impacts on economic development here in Louisiana. For example, in just the last week I have passed the following out of Committee:

  • HB 680 streamlines the process for the Major Events Incentive Subfund, which is incredibly important considering the fact that the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation has created an economic impact of nearly $3 Billion over the last 22 years.
  • HB 591 creates the Louisiana Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council which will work in conjunction with the Department of Louisiana Economic Development to ensure competitiveness in the small business community in the State of Louisiana.
  • HB 648 establishes efficiencies in the process ports follow to obtain specialty equipment to keep this foundational industry of ours as competitive and responsible as possible.

All of these initiatives translate directly into more consistent and quality jobs for the people of Louisiana. It’s legislation like this that will turn that conversation once again, so we can start talking about something better than unemployment-like a brighter and more secure future.